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RE:V Miuna Hiroaki by CloudyClarity RE:V Miuna Hiroaki by CloudyClarity
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Double Paws  H I R O A K I   M I U N A   |   広明 美海   |   M I U N A  Double Paws



Double Paws by Kawiku

E D U C A T I O N   |   J O B   |   T E A M

Double Paws by Kawiku

Paw  E D U C A T I O N:   HIGH SCHOOL / 3rd YEAR
            Miuna attends Narashino High as a third year student. She is a decent student in the 3.0 (B) range and is a part of the bicycle club as a climber; riding a Diamondback Women's Airen 2 Road Bike that also serves as her main mode of transportation.

            Has been working at Ebisu Mart for the past three years, with responsibilities such as: cashiering, putting out products, sampling and a variety of other tasks. She enjoys working at the Mart due to her coworkers being gossipy older ladies- and for the convenience (they allow her to study while working if business is really slow). She has a set schedule with work, having molded it around her school and club hours, but typically doesn't work on the weekends. Unless they absolutely need help.

Paw  T E A M: N/A

Paw  T A G   T A T T O O   L O C A T I O N: N/A

Double Paws 


Double Paws 


    Before Jotaro, Miuna had constantly begged her parents for a black kitten. It didn't matter the breed of the cat, so long as it was pure black in color. But despite her efforts, one crucial fact stood in the way: she was allergic to cats. On the day of her High School Entrance Ceremony, her parents gifted her Jotaro, a Manx model AllMate who was all-black in color. Miuna instantly became attached to the fuzzball, who she nicknamed Jojo. Her parents had asked for Jotaro's AI to be calibrated close to how a Manx would act: lively, entertaining and inquisitive, often collecting small objects with a soft voice coupled with a quiet trill. While those who are not familiar with the AllMate think Jotaro to be watchful and quiet, he is actually quiet the chatterbox among family and friends. He is able to access Miuna's COIL to help her with a variety of tasks whenever she needs assistance (like using the GPS, getting her documents, etc etc). He always follows Miuna around, acting rather dog-like in his need for human affection, and is even welcomed at the Mart. He likes to joke how he has a part-time job as mouse hunter for the Mart. And despite his almost tubby appearance, Jotaro is quiet the mouser. He is fast and agile, demonstrating unusually good balance despite lacking a tail. Because his voice is deep yet quiet, Miuna bought him the baddest-looking hat she could find (little did she know Jotaro's Rhyme Form would have an identical hat to match his tough-guy appearance). Now and then Jotaro would follow Miuna to school, despite her objections, which is how the two got involved in the game of Rhyme. It was wildly popular among classmates who had AllMates of their own and took Miuna little encouragement after she witnessed a recorded Rhyme Battle. 

Paw  S P E C I E S   I N F O R M A T I O N: MANX  
    The Manx is tailless, an unmistakable trait that makes it immediately recognizable. These purebreds are stocky and rounded in appearance, with short front and long hind legs that give them a rabbit-like appearance. The thick coat can be either short or semi-long and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The Manx's personality traits make it a perfect choice for families who have other pets or children. Jotaro is fashioned after what is called a stumpy (have a stump of a tail, pieces of vertebra in the tail is present), other varieties being a riser (little bit of cartilage where the tail is) and rumpy (no tail at all). 

Double Paws 


Double Paws 


    Miuna can easily be labeled as one of those tomboyish types of girls- dressing more comfortably in jeans and sweaters, being more interested in videogames, sports and the like. And due to her interests of videogames and sports, Miuna finds she gets along better with males; developing a pretty dry sense of humor to combat typical guy sarcasm. But all of this subjecting has been beneficial for Miuna to develop a thick skin against criticisms. Often negativity rolls right off her back and she honestly enjoys socializing with a variety of individuals (another reason she enjoys working at Ebisu Mart). But while she does like to talk with people, she doesn't readily trust others and is often skeptical of other's intentions. She is often seen with a rather mellow expression, but don't let her normally passive demeanor fool you.She has a nasty competitive streak and will push herself to the ends of her limits to attain her goals, while still playing by the rules (her competitive side shines when she is road racing). She feels that rules are needed to make things as even as possible, leaving only room for the sheer will and talent of the individual to achieve by their own means. She applies this philosophy to her life, structuring her schedule to be as productive as possible. It is only thanks to Jotaro that Miuna is able to relax and have cool down time from her life, the AllMate reminding her she is still a teenager and life wasn't going to run away if she took time to look away once in a while. But at times she can be too passive and avoids conflict, willing to bend to avoid fighting. Jotaro is one of the only beings in her life who can pep talk her into sticking up for herself and be proud for her own accomplishments. Because in truth, Miuna can have bouts of depression and stress if she isn't able to wind down from her life. It isn't negativity from others who causes her to depress, but her own self-worth in what she considers t be a stagnant life. And when others win where she fails, despite all her efforts, a resentful side can erupt.

Double Paws 


Double Paws 

Originally born in the Okinawan islands, Miuna moved to Midorijima with her parents when she was only but three years old. Hiroaki Nakai found the island to be an ideal location for business due to the growing technology and use of AllMates, and Jennifer felt comfortable with the safety and education system. Her mother pushed to have Miuna enrolled in public school to experience all sides of life instead of a cramped, idealistic one. And for that, Miuna has always been grateful for the push from her confident mother. With no brothers and sisters growing up, Miuna was often left alone while her parents worked; but she tried to not hold it against them. They were working for her sake. This is where she had begun to learn how to cook- as you can only live off of store-bought sushi for so long. For many years she would visit Ebisu Mart to grocery shop, pedaling around Kyuujuumink on her mommy bike. Being able to get out of the house softened thoughts of being lonely and wanting to talk to someone or cuddle up with a stuffed toy. Not to mention biking was great exercise and near relaxing in effect.

Miuna first joined a bicycling club in elementary school, but not anything competitive. It was simply a group of kids riding around parks on bikes while caregivers watched. In middle school she became more adventurous on her bike, taking steep, mountainous roads instead of solely sticking to the flats of Kyuujuumink. Sure it hurt after quite a few climbs, but she enjoyed the simplicity of human and machine working together to accomplish a goal. This is where she first joined competitive bicycling. And even with each race lost, feeling a little down on herself, her mother would always pep talk her into the next race. Miuna would push herself harder, having to face many defeats before finally winning a mountain checkpoint for her team.

Yet her attention wouldn’t always be focused on bicycling. If she didn’t maintain good grades, her parents would take away her pricey bike- which is how her structured scheduling began. After much trial and error, she found a good balance between school and road racing.

But Miuna always felt a little bit lonely. She didn’t have siblings to hang out with and often her friends had their own lives to lead. There would be some days she would wish to talk to her mom, but her mother would be exhausted from work. And forget about even trying to converse with her father. A cat would have been nice to have, but she had found out the hard way- she is quiet allergic to felines. Which sucked because she REALLY liked them. Cats were beautiful with sleek fur, their agility and grace, their flippancy to like a person or not.

By high school she was gifted something as precious as her road racer bike: Jotaro. She barely even went to sleep the first night she had him, talking to the Manx AllMate till the wee hours of the morning. He was easy to get along with, was funny, and made her feel relaxed. Not lonely. Ever since he had come in her possession, it is rare to see them without each other.  

Miuna willingly sought out a job to pay for any of Jotaro’s needs. And let’s be serious; she wanted to buy things too like any other teen-aged girl. Once a Help Wanted sign at Ebisu came up, she quickly grabbed at an interview. She already knew of the company, what they did, and found the job training to be easy. Even to this day she still holds her Mart job.

When it comes to Rhyme, Miuna had Jotaro for about a year before participating in the game. And just like biking, she fell to numerous losses. Not only did she feel bad for losing, but she was anxious for Jotaro’s sake. But all Jotaro could do was tip his hat and smile, saying how people can be born with or without talent. Those who are born without have to work twice as hard as those who have the talent. So why does this make it special? Because the rewards are twice as sweet.

Talk of teams had only reached her ears recently, but she doesn't know if she could be an asset to a team. And while Miuna still doesn't have the firmest of grasps on Rhyme, she still trains hard with Jotaro.


Double Paws 


Double Paws 

Paw LIKES_________
                                   ✓ Musk Melon-Flavored food items. 
                                   ✓ Black cats
                                   ✓ Anime & Manga
                                   ✓ J Rock and Pop, American Rock and Metal, European Metal (variety)
                                   ✓ Road Racing (via road racer bicycling)
                                   ✓ Diamondback bikes
                                   ✓ Canned coffee
                                   ✓ Neon colors
                                   ✓ Piercings
                                   ✓ Cooking & Baking
                                   ✓ Rhyme
                                   ✓ Literature, History and English

Paw DISLIKES______
                                    Slick roads
                                   ✗ Dishonesty
                                   ✗ Rotten food
                                   ✗ Arguing
                                   ✗ Swimming (more like she doesn't know how to swim, but the water does make her anxious)
                                   ✗ Bees & Wasps

Double Paws 


Double Paws 

Paw JOTARO: Miuna views Jotaro as more than an AllMate or a pet- he is her closest confidant. They are like two peas in a pod and both enjoy spending time with each other, so it is rather rare to see one without the other. Jotaro is protective of Miuna but not intrusive into her business. But he isn't afraid to voice his two cents. Sometimes the two will argue but it's usually nothing serious.  

Paw HIROAKI NAKAI: A traditional, hard working Japanese businessman, Nakai often works late like his wife. He is a man of little words and pretty straight-laced. He refuses to speak English to his wife and daughter, instead demanding to be addressed in his native language. And while it does bother him to hear English between his wife and daughter, he has to deal with it- wife has the balls in her back pocket. 

Paw HIROAKI JENNIFER: American by birth, Jennifer is a blonde-haired and green-eyed military nurse who had been stationed all through the world before settling the longest in Japan, where she met Nakai and later married and birthed Miuna. Jennifer typically has long night hours at the base, but does manage to stay up enough to have breakfast with Miuna. The two get along well and it was Jennifer who goaded Nakai into purchasing the AllMate for Miuna. Jotaro favors Jennifer, who had cats growing up and knows jusssttt where to scratch.

Double Paws 

A D D I T I  O N A L   I N F O

Double Paws 

Paw  BILINGUAL: Japanese and English
Paw  HAIRCUT: Prefers to keep her hair short
Paw  PIERCINGS: She has eight in total
                        MIUNA- Singularity - Alone (Au5 & Fractal Remix)
                        JOTARO- Black Tiger Sex Machine - Destroy It (Urban Contact Remix)
                        RHYME-  Synchronice - Denouement
Paw RPING: Lit. Para / Script via Notes and sometimes group chats. Ask for Skype c: I have an odd schedule, so please don't feel ignored if I can't get to you right away!

Double Paws 

R P   S A M P L E

Double Paws 

    A quiet and warm evening had graced Kyuujuumink. While the sidewalk steamed from the afternoon, the interior of the Mart was cool and comfortable. It was a Tuesday, which meant it was specifically Turn around Tuesday. While most people would not have an idea of what that meant, it essentially means placing the older product up front to be bought quicker, and placing her items behind the older ones. While Miuna didn't mind Turnaround Tuesdays as much... sometimes it could get awful. It wasn't uncommon to find fruit having fallen into some corner, rotting and putrid. Already she had come across a very mushy tomato, feeling queasy and Jotaro hadn't been helping. The black cat had been in a snit all day.

    "Jojo, don't be unsavory..." Miuna scolds the large black cat missing its tail as Jotaro saunters over the counter to plop down next to the cash register. He gives a large feline-like yawn in response to her tuts.

    "What? I am just saying. You see these guys in suits coming in here all the time and they always have some different chick on their arm each time." Bright green eyes blink, watching the blonde female unpacking fresh produce from the cooler. "I bet you he eats them. He sacrifices those girls to the business suit gods who will some day take over the world with their mass-produced clones of business men."

    All she could do was stare at her AllMate. For an AI, Jotaro had a massive imagination and never ceased to amuse her. Clucking her tongue, she scratches right behind his ear till a deep, rumbling purr sounded. Sure he was no cat, but he was a lot better than just a cat. He could talk and was useful in so many ways. "You are the reason why business men don't stay long."

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